We specialise securing People, Process and Technology through Awareness Program, Supervision, and Penetration Testing. Our goal is to produce suitable security in organization that seen from P.P.T. We make sure that all aspects of our products are of the highest quality. We are focus to corporate, group, and individual. We are constantly developing new method, courses and updating existing ones to make sure they are current and relevant.

Our slogan is Securing People, Process and Technology that mean:

People: There are two key aspects to the people element of the trinity that you need to consider. First, everyone in the business needs to be aware of their role in preventing and reducing cyber threats, whether it’s handling sensitive data, understanding how to spot phishing emails or the use of BYOD. Cyber security is a business issue and everyone has a role to play. An effective security awareness programme can help reduce the risk of cyber threats aimed at exploiting people.

Secondly, there are the specialised technical cyber security staff. They need to be fully up to date with the latest skills and qualifications to ensure that appropriate controls, technologies and practices are implemented to fight the latest cyber threats. Cyber security staff who don’t stay up to date affect the organisation’s ability to mitigate and respond to cyber attacks.

Process: Processes are key to the implementation of an effective cyber security strategy. Processes are crucial in defining how the organisation’s activities, roles and documentation are used to mitigate the risks to the organisation’s information. Processes also need to be continually reviewed: cyber threats change quickly and processes need to adapt with them. But processes are nothing if people don’t follow them correctly.

Technology: Technology is obviously crucial when it comes to cyber security. By identifying the cyber risks that your organisation faces you can then start to look at what controls to put in place, and what technologies you’ll need to do this. Technology can be deployed to prevent or reduce the impact of cyber risks, depending on your risk assessment and what you deem an acceptable level of risk.

Our consultant are very qualified which is not only equipped with professional certifications (OSCP, CREST CRT, CEH, CSXF, CISSP), but also have hands-on real-world experiences.